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Article Citing in any Essay

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Need to cite an article in an essay? Worry not! Visit our page and learn how to cite an article in an essay. We also provide examples that will also help you in your citation.

How to Properly Cite an Article in an Essay

When writing a paper, intext citations are vital as they recognize the original text when you refer to another person’s work. Although the primary guidelines are similar, customwriting the citation requirements change from APA, MLA and others. You should consider which writing style is the best for your area of study. A lot of college assignments are required to be in the Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA) styles.

Another thing is that you should ensure that each paragraph in your text consist at least one intext citation except the introduction and the conclusion. you are not supposed to insert an intext citation at your introduction and conclusion because the introduction is for introducing your topic where else the conclusion summarizes the entire paper. Your introduction and conclusion is considered to be more of your opinion and hence intext citation is not necessary.

Also, the citations are not supposed to be inserted at the end of your paragraph because it may appear as your entire paragraph is from that source. You should either choose to insert the citation at the start of your sentence or either at the end. All this varies from format to format, as all the styles are different.

MLA Style

MLA uses the authorpage way in its citations. You should put the author’s last name either in a signal phrase within the sentence referenced or either in parentheses at the end of your sentence. Also, do insert the page number in brackets after your conviction. You are allowed to skip the page number In case the paper has no page number. At all times, use quotation marks for the quotes you use direct.

Also, in case the author’s name is not provided, you should use the first word or else the words that are in the title. The citations in MLA should be all included in the last page namely work cited which should be centered.

APA Style

When citing you need the authordate way. You then the author’s last name, year the article was published. if you put the direct quotes, include the page numbers. An example at the end of a sentence is,(Smith, 2019). At the start of a sentence you use; According to Smith(2019),…Also, when there are multiple authors name all of them at first then the others put one of therm and add et al., In case there are two two authors use and when not in brackets and if in the brackets use its symbol.

The APA reference page appear at the last page, the word reference should be centered. The references in the text should be all included in a hanging manner.

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