Tips for Creating a Great CV for College Application

What Makes Your College Application CV Outstanding?

Writing an outstanding CV will increase your admission chances to your preferred college. Your CV cannot be excellent if it has evident grammatical mistakes and a poor structure. It would help if you were attentive when writing your resume because it is one of the things that will differentiate you from the other applicants.

Dedicate enough time to writing your CV, editing, and proofreading it. It is essential to your career's progression, and you should treat it with the importance it deserves.

What Should Your College Application CV Comprise Of?

Your CV should give a brief background about yourself and your achievements. It should prove that you are capable of handling the academic and social challenges that college will present. You can make yours stand out by including the following:


The heading is crucial because it identifies you. Give details of your personal data in this section. You can include your name, physical address, email address, and phone number.

Your Educational Profile Is Essential

Your CV will be incomplete if you do not include an academic profile. An academic profile should indicate your high school, and when you attended it. Giving details of your class ranking is not vital; however, if you believe it could make your submission stand out, it is best to include it.

You can also consider including your ACT or SAT scores in this section. If you took the test severally, include your highest score.

Give Details of Your Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Your CV should show that you did not only focus on academics only while in high school. This section allows you to demonstrate that you are an all-round person who excels in and outside the classroom. If you were a sports or music enthusiast, do not shy away from giving the details in this section. Additionally, if you were involved in other activities away from school, such as babysitting, then this is the perfect place to give the details.

Include Previous Employment and Volunteer Details

If you had any jobs while in high school, it is best to have a section that details your employment history. Do not shy away from including all positions that you think can increase your chances of admission.

You can also have a separate section that details your volunteer experience. It is best to include the experience because it shows that you are concerned about your community. However, ensure that your experiences are not fabricated.

Include a Skills Section

Your skills are essential because they can differentiate you from other applicants. If you can speak any foreign languages, do not shy away from including it here. Additionally, you can include additional skills, such as software development skills or your excellent interpersonal skills.

Have a Section That Lists Your Achievements

Your achievements make you extraordinary; therefore, you should not be afraid of giving details about them. If you have any honors and awards, do not shy away from sharing their details.

Writing a CV should not be stressful because it gives a summary of all your accomplishments. These tips will help increase your chances of admission.

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